CBD Hemp Seed Oil

Our Philosophy

At Family Green, we produce healthy products for your whole family, including your pets, using only hemp grown by us in clean Vermont soil. Everything is manufactured in small batches by us, so you can feel confident you are getting the highest quality hemp products and supporting a family-owned small business.

Hemp draws from the soil, so it is important to know where your hemp products are coming from. If hemp is grown in contaminated soil, you are negating the benefits from this amazing plant by putting those accumulated toxins in your body. There are many companies out there that have jumped on the CBD band wagon, and are purchasing CBD from over-seas where there is very little regulations in agriculture, and relabeling products as their own. We use only CO2 extraction for our hemp, which is the safest, purest way to extract cannabinoids and terpenes and uses no chemicals, only pressure and heat. We don't want to put any toxins in or on our body, and don't think you do either. We use our own hempseed oil as the carrier oil for our Amplify Hemp Extract. Our oil is third-party tested for purity and cannabinoid content. We believe in transparency, and our test results are available to our customers to provide you with peace of mind that when you buy Family Green products, you are buying the best.

We use these products ourselves, and hope you enjoy them as much as we do.